ABOUT JIsland Records

JIsLand Records was founded by Saunjay Kerr, one of Jamaica's many gifted and talented producers. Saunjay has worked with many artists over the past 20 years including Purpleman, Cat Eyes, Dred, Glen Ricks, Imar Shephard, Jamelody, Mr Davis, Nickeishia Barnes and Walter Saw to name just a few.

In 2019 JIsLand Records partnered with Blue Pie Records USA to set up a global distribution and publishing network to get the great music of the label out to the world.

Since then the roster has been growing and the world has been waking up to the mesmerising reggae sounds of the great artists from JIsLand Records penetrating their ear drums with some incredible rusta infused sonic waves to brighten up their music days.

Saunjay Kerr, has been building musical highways and connecting the label to other influential Jamaica labels like King Jammys Records, Digital B, Harmony House and Reggae Central Records.

The future is bright for Seanjay Kerr and the great artists of JIsLand records and they are definately wearing shades as the labels cool reggae infused vibes weave their way to your ears.

For more information on JIsLand Records you can email support@jislandrecords.com.

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e: support@jislandrecords.com